Planning restrictions & heights

Most people will want to situate their building closer than 2 metres to their boundary. In this case, you will need to keep your building under 2.5m high to comply with current English planning restrictions. This is not a problem as we are well used to designing garden buildings to comply with these restrictions. A building to 2.5m high offers a very attractive contemporary design with a flat roof and a long-lasting EPDM rubber roof membrane.

If you have a large garden and you are able to situate your building further than 2 metres from any boundary then you can go up to 4m in height and choose a more traditional style of ridge or hipped roof with a choice of roof finishes including bitumen felt shingles (to residential standard), cedar or slate effect shingles. Let us know where the shade is in your garden and which way the sun rises and we will design your building to optimise light throughout the day or design a building with a front canopy to avoid the glare of full sun. Then it's time for the fun bit, you can begin to think about the way you want your new garden room to look!


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