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Camping Barrels


Simple, elegant glamping solutions in an exciting array of layouts. Maximise your potential with minimum ground disturbance using these Clever concepts!

Camping Pods


Our camping pods range in length from 4m and 4.8m. With a shingle roof and walls made of 44mm double tongue and groove timber. And just under 8ft wide and 8ft high the pods are spacious and comfortable and a great investment for any growing camping or Glamping site.

Dining Barrel


Looking for a fantastic compliment to your garden kitchen? Want to entertain more friends at your garden bar and grille? Looking for outdoor seating opportunities for your commercial venue or pub? Then look no further! Our Dining Barrels with their fun, themed shape and protection from the elements, these low footprint units will get people talking, and mingling! Made from  44mm Thermowood logs in a barrel shape, with 28mm thick walls. The barrels are up to the challenge of all year round commercial use.

Hobbit House


Camp in style with these delightfully shaped Hobbit Houses. The over-sloped roof and large porthole window really add to the whimsical appearance of this practical camping cabin! Available in untreated Spruce or Thermowood variants.

Hobbit Sauna House


The Hobbit Sauna House….

A fun & unique way to enjoy a deep cleansing, purifying sauna! Enjoy the comfort of the built in benches and cool space inside and extend your fresh experience with a small extended seating area out front.

Available in standard spruce construction, or Thermowood these delightful spaces truly bring meaning to relaxing at home.

The Hobbit sauna houses measure 2.4 mtrs deep by 4mtrs wide and are below 2.5mtrs in height.