The Social Barrel


Encourage large families and  bubble groups out again with this fabulous, distanced, outdoor entertaining safe space!


    • 6400 £
    • 4000 £


Looking for a fantastic compliment to your pub garden? Want to entertain more clients at your garden bar, grille or restaurant? Looking for outdoor seating opportunities for your commercial entertainment venue ? Then look no further! Our Social Barrels with their fun, themed shape and protection from the elements will get people talking and mingling! With a low footprint, minimum ground work and maximum space capitalisation Made from  44mm Thermowood logs in a barrel shape, with 28mm thick walls. The barrels are up to the challenge of all year round commercial use.

Seats approximately 8 – 14 (size dependant)

all year round use

encourages a sense of safety at facilities practising distancing

expands capacity of your venue in comfort

encourages families or bubble based groups.