Camping Suite


    • 6999 £


Welcome to The Camping Suite…. A wonderfully practical building with porch, main room, open plan room and private room inside. Ideal for a retreat for two with a kitchen and shower/ loo room or as a larger day/ night facility for 4 with bunk beds in either back room, ….. or even 6 if all areas are utilised for beds, the decision is yours!

With a capable footprint of 17.5 sqm and a centre height of 2.5 mtrs, this durable building, constructed predominantly of 42mm thick spruce logs, can happily house most families in all weathers, with the added protection of complete up ands over mineral felt shingle.

Camping Suite

  • Measurements: 302cm x 580 cm
  • Capacity: 4/6 people
  • Weight: 1060 kg
  • Door: 190×80 cm
  • Window: 57×77  77×57 cm
  • Outside wall: 42 mm
  • Inside wall: 28mm
  • Material: spruce,
  • Mineral Felt Shingle