Camping Barrels


Simple, elegant glamping solutions in an exciting array of layouts. Maximise your potential with minimum ground disturbance using these Clever concepts!

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The camping barrel is a compact and easy solution to populate your camping/ glamping facilities… if you want to comfortably accommodate 2 adults and 2 children, the 330 is an ideal cosy unit. 2 rooms, pop out table, secure locking door and open-able windows, the biggest being a 59x165cm window that fills the room with natural light. A lovely Bijou sleep space for a weekend stay

The 480 Barrel is the one to have should you be expecting a larger group of adults. All the great features of the 330 but with more space and longer beds for your separate sleepers.

The Royal Barrel is the grandest in the range. A large slide out table, small table units at the front, an ample sized bedroom with superior storage space under all beds and the added bonus of side windows. A grand and comfortable space to while away the relaxing holiday evenings.

All barrels can be placed on much simplified bases, so no need for large concrete slabs or deck frames.

Exactly what you need to accommodate guests or rent out during the holiday season. Combine 2 or 3 with a Dining barrel and Hobbit Grille House for the ultimate Family Holiday solution!


Available in standard untreated Nordic Spruce or Kiln Dried Thermowood variants.


  • Camping Barrel 330

    • Measurements: 210 Ø x 330 cm
    • Capacity: 2-4 people
    • Weight: 1020kg
    • Door: 169×59 cm
    • Window: 30×91 (2) 59×165 cm
    • Outside wall: 42 mm
    • Inside wall: 28mm
    • Material: spruce,
  • Camping Barrel 480

    • Measurements: 210 Ø x 480 cm
    • Capacity: 4 people
    • Weight: 1200kg
    • Door: 169×59 cm
    • Window: 30×91 (2) 59×165 cm
    • Outside wall: 42 mm
    • Inside wall: 28mm
    • Material: spruce,


  • Camping Barrel Royal

    • Measurements: 231 Ø x 446 cm
    • Capacity: 4 people
    • Weight: 100kg
    • Door: 169×59 cm
    • Window: 30×91 (2) 59×165 cm
    • Outside wall: 42 mm
    • Inside wall: 42 mm
    • Material: spruce,


What is Thermowood?

Thermowood, also known as heat treated timber, is a beautiful, sustainable timber material produced using chemical-free heat treatment.

How is Thermowood Produced?

Thermowood is created by heat treating Scandinavian softwood to temperatures ranging from 180 – 230° in special chamber kilns for up to 96 hours. Steam is used as a protective gas and helps to prevent the wood from splitting and becoming damaged during treatment.

Thermowood’s Characteristics & Qualities

This process causes chemical and structural changes to occur within the timber, which therefore alters some of its characteristics and qualities. Some of the characteristics and qualities that make Thermowood such a popular specie includes:

Dimensionally Stable – The intensive heat the wood is exposed to during its production dries out deep into the core, causing all moisture and resin to be removed from the timber. Thermowood therefore doesn’t react to changes in humidity as drastically as untreated wood (the risk of swelling, cracking and shrinkage is decreased), allowing it to retain its shape far better. The wood also doesn’t secrete sap or resin even in high temperatures.

Environemntally Friendly – The softwood used to produce Thermowood originates from well-managed, PEFC-certified forests, and as no chemicals or foreign substances are involved during its production, Thermowood is an environmentally friendly material produced by using only natural methods.

Resistance to Rot and Fungi – Due to the heating process breaking down hemicellulose, the wood doesn’t contain the appropriate nutrients to allow rot and fungi to grow and develop.

Increased Longevity – When wood is treated with heat, its average life span is prolonged. It will depend on the exact heat the wood is exposed to as to how long it is expected to live, but generally the higher the temperature, the longer the life span.

Improved Insulation – Wood that has been heat treated is much more porous than untreated wood, vastly improving its insulating properties.

Can be Recycled – Unlike pressure impregnated wood, Thermowood can be discarded or recycled as untreated wood when it is no longer required.