Lugarde are a Dutch company which offers high quality for a fair price. They have their own manufacturing and in-house design and drawing department, making them completely flexible and able to offer outstanding quality even for bespoke designs.

At Lugarde they offer both standard and bespoke product kits aimed at self assembly ( an installation service is available however) . With the bespoke design service being very fairly priced for the service and quality you get. Our summerhouses are of the highest quality and available at an affordable price. Furthermore, Lugarde offers various key features free of charge.

Key features of our windows and doors

  • Lugarde doors and windows are very robust and solid.
  • Our doors and windows have high quality double glazed sealed units  (4+16+4 argon gas filled, with a high insulation value of 1.1).
  • All windows are sealed with silicone sealant.
  • Doors and windows are fitted with drainage holes.
  • All doors are fitted with a 3-point security locking system (Maco brand), with a hallmark.
  • Doors and windows are manufactured from laminated timber. This helps to prevent warping.
  • All windows and doors are fitted with rubber draught excluders.
  • Sprung handle (choice of chrome or brass).
  • Handy adjustable split hinges including protection covers for the hinges (choice of chrome or brass).
  • Doors are fitted with aluminium wear strips to protect the threshold.
  • Our crossbars have a simple click-in clip system. Very handy for painting and cleaning.
  • Doors can be hinged on the right-hand side at an extra charge (as standard, doors are left-hand hinged).

The spruce wood for all their buildings is sourced from northern countries with cold climates. As a result of this cold climate, the trees grow relatively slowly. The growth rings are closer together, making the wood more stable and durable. All of the timber is also kiln dried in special drying rooms to approx. 14-16% moisture content, and as a result wood shrinkage is reduced. The wooden components fit together with millimetre precision.


In 2001 Lugarde invented the ‘Prima 3=1 system’. This system’s side walls consist of milled wall sections which fit precisely into the corresponding corner uprights. This is made possible with aluminium strips. These are fitted on the inside of the corner uprights. This then enhances the strength and durability of their summerhouses while still allowing movement. The walls are put together without any nails or screws. The ‘Prima 3=1 system’ means the summerhouses can be assembled simply.

The new Pro-system, which is designed and manufactured by Lugarde, has robust laminated posts of 14 cm x 14 cm which the wall elements easily slide into. The Pro-system products provide a very robust and modern look.

Their new innovation is the unique 3D configurator for summerhouses, log cabins, gazebos and more. You can easily create your own garden building and view it from any desired perspective. Now you no longer have to imagine what your future bespoke garden building will look like – you can experience it in 360