Treating your summerhouse, log cabin or gazebo

If your summerhouse is protected against the sun, wind and rain, you will be able to enjoy it for a very long time. For effective protection, you must treat the summerhouse on the inside and out, preferably before it is assembled. It will then be protected against the elements. You can treat your summerhouse yourself or let us do it for you. The lifespan of your summerhouse/log cabin depends on proper maintenance. Check your summerhouse/log cabin annually (for cracks / unevennesses) and ensure proper and regular maintenance.

We recommend that the timber is impregnated with an appropriate treatment. This should then be covered with opaque or transparent paint. We recommend paint which is moisture-regulating, durable, elastic and which breathes. It should also offer adequate UV protection. Never use varnish or clear stain on the outside. Our paint comes from the renowned Dutch manufacturer Sigma and meets all the requirements for effectively treating your summerhouse.

Our summerhouses, log cabins and gazebos are supplied untreated, unless you stipulate otherwise. You can, however, opt to have your summerhouse or other product treated by us. Lugarde has some great options, which are both top quality and environmentally-friendly. You can choose from the following treatment options, which will be applied to your summerhouse, log cabin, wooden garage, gazebo or carport before delivery.

Pressure treatment

Pressure-treatment can be used for log cabins and gazebos from our log cabin system, and summerhouses from our Pro-system. During the pressure treatment process, the agent is forced into the timber under pressure. First of all, a vacuum is created in a boiler, which is then filled with the impregnation agent. Once the boiler is full, the pressure is increased. The centre of the timber is compressed as a result, making the timber expand. The timber must be allowed to dry after this process, so the lead time is around two weeks longer.

With this impregnation method, you can choose the colour green or brown. If you opt for pressure-treated timber, you won’t have to treat or paint it again. The colour will turn greyer over time. You may or may not like this, depending on your taste. You can also choose to paint over it. It is advisable to use wood oil instead of stain. Sometimes the pressure-treatment makes the timber bend, making installation a little trickier. There may also be small cracks in the timber, but this just adds to the natural look.

It is possible that when it rains / winds, some water comes through the knots / connections. This can be prevented by properly ventilating the cabin and/or treating the knots, end edges/joints with a end edge sealer.

Information on pressure treatment

Pressure treatment is an alternative treatment with paint. It is a treatment that protects your summerhouse or log cabin from dirt, mould and various weather conditions after installation. The wall sections are fully sprayed inside and out so that they are fully protected at all times. If you are thinking about pressure treatment, there are a number of aspects to consider, namely.

– Pressure treated timber requires little maintenance and has a minimum life of ten years in all weather conditions. With this treatment method, no further treatment, such as painting, is required.

– If you have chosen an interior floor, this is also automatically pressure-treated.

– To achieve the best possible penetration of the impregnation liquid, the wooden parts are stacked layer by layer. This means that when you assemble your garden shed you will see “stained stripes” (see photo below). These will fade over time.

– Over time, ageing will occur. Whether you like this is a matter of taste. To counteract this, the outside of the garden shed can be treated with a wood oil or with different colours.

– Pressure treatment involves forcing large amounts of liquid into the wood under high pressure. As the wood has to dry, the delivery time is two weeks longer.

– You can choose between two colours: brown and green.

– When assembling, the wood may still be swollen and therefore more difficult to put together. It is therefore advisable to let the wood dry at home for at least another four weeks.

– Pressure treated wood can lead to faster drying cracks.

– Pressure treated wood has a thin layer of impregnation, so it will not peel or crack after a few years, just like paint and varnish.

Note: When setting up the pressure treated summer house or log cabin, one question often remains unanswered: Why is there a gap between the door and window frame and the wooden wall above? This also has to do with the pressure treatment of your summer house or log cabin. In this case, it should be noted that the wood swells due to moisture during the pressure treatment. This gap disappears after about six weeks (depending on the weather conditions!). This gap is often about 3 to 5 cm. (Never fill it with a wooden slat!) After you have placed the cover strip over the door and window, this gap will practically no longer be visible. After the wood has dried completely, the wall boards will have shrunk so much that the gap is completely closed.

Sprayed impregnation – Pre-treatment

Sprayed impregnation treats the inner and outer sides with an undercoat. It protects your summerhouse against fungi and rot. To provide the best protection for your summerhouse, you should paint or stain the outside within a year. It will then be protected for the next few years from the elements and UV radiation. The advantage of sprayed impregnation is that the inside and all of the bits that can’t be reached after assembly are treated upon delivery. We can spray-treat our summerhouses and gazebos in four transparent colours: white, graphite grey, brown or light grey.

Stain – Pre-treatment + 1 layer of stain sprayed

The insides and outsides of the walls, canopies and posts of our summerhouses can be pre-treated with a transparent undercoat (see “Sprayed impregnation”). The outside can then be painted in the colour of your choice. You can do this yourself, or let us do it for you. You can indicate the stain colour you would like when you place your order, you can choose one of the RAL colours in our range. The posts and balustrades are painted all over and the walls are painted on the outside. This treatment will protect your summerhouse for 2-3 years. Depending on the location of the building and the weather conditions.

In individual cases, the naturalness of our wooden buildings involves smaller unevenness on the surface of our walls and posts. These occur due to varying wooden structures and fine resin residues. Smaller colour nuances can occur as a result. Hand sanding of individual irregularities in the wood structure and an additional layer of paint make individual irregularities almost entirely disappear. This treatment will also protect your summerhouse for another two years.

The most optimal protection and the best result can be achieved by lightly sanding down the paint layer after assembly and by applying a layer of paint.

We use paint from the leading company Sigma. This paint is water-based and more environmentally-friendly than oil-based paint. This paint offers optimum protection against UV radiation, moisture, fungi and rot. Partitions under a gazebo are painted only on the outside. The inside is pre-treated with a transparent paint. On request we can also supply other colours. You can also order pots of paint in the same colour for the inside of the canopy.

reatment of doors and windows

Sprayed impregnation

You can let us spray impregnate the doors and windows of your summerhouse, log cabin or gazebo. You can choose from four transparent colours: green, white, blue-grey, colourless or brown.

Impregnation is a pre-treatment. To protect your summerhouse against fungi and rot, the windows and doors must be painted or stained within a year. And don’t forget to stain the top, bottom and sides of the door too.


We can also deliver the doors and windows for your summerhouse, log cabin or gazebo already painted. In order to protect the windows and doors from outside influences, they are (spray) impregnated twice and then painted in the desired colour. These three layers protect your summerhouse against the elements for five to six years. (Depending on the location of the building and the weather) We use paint from the leading company Sigma. This offers great protection against moisture, UV radiation and fungi.