Options for windows and doors

  • Opaque or transparent painted windows and doors
  • Different kind of window(s), such as rotary tilt windows
  • Different kind of door(s), such as sliding doors
  • Different sizes or shapes for your window and/or doors, such as extra wide doors (100 cm)
  • Different kinds of glass. Such as stained glass or frosted glass. Sliding glass door

(Colour) treatment

If you want to protect your summerhouse optimally, you can choose to pre-treat your summerhouse. At Lugarde you can choose between spray treatment, staining and pressure treatment.

Spray treatment

Spray treatment in transparent white, graphite grey, brown or light grey. Your summerhouse, roofing or log cabin is now provided with a primer. The spray treatment will also protect your summerhouse or log cabin against fungi and rotting. The inside is now protected and you won’t have to paint it again. To protect your summerhouse or log cabin against other weather influences you must paint the outside within a year.

For every part you can choose one colour:

  • Windows and doors
  • Walls (and fascias)
  • Internal floor


Colourless pre-treatment (primer) on the inside and outside, plus a painted outside including your windows and doors (choice of six colours). With this treatment your summerhouse or gazebo will be protected for 2-3 years. You can choose a different colour for the windows and doors than the rest of your building. The windows and doors will be given three treatment layers.

For the best result and a more beautiful finish, you can sand the timber lightly and give it another layer after assembly. This will remove most of the irregularity and your summerhouse will be protected for four to five years. You can order the right colour stain from us.

For every part you can choose one colour:

  • Windows and doors
  • Pillars (and fascias)
  • Walls (and fascias)

Your (Pro-system) summerhouse will be painted with Sigma quality paint.

Pressure treatment

Pressure treatment in green or brown is only available for log cabins and Pro-system summerhouses. The impregnating fluid is forced into the timber and there is no need for an additional treatment. A pressure treated log cabin or Pro-system summerhouse has the longest durability. The timber is optimally protected. Painting is an optional extra. Windows and doors are not pressure treated. These can be painted in colour or opaque or can be spray treated. During the first period after pressure treatment, the timber can shrink a little.

 Canopy, floor and other timber options

  • Wall enhancement
  • Canopy. Roof shingles and posts are included
  • Extra post(s)
  • External floor of Siberian larch timber
  • Thicker walls for your summerhouse or log cabin (for example 28 to 44 mm, or 44 to 68 mm). Not possible with Pro-system
  • Wooden internal floor (you will receive free skirting boards)
  • Wooden attic floor (only the larger log cabins). Handy for additional storage. You can also order a ladder
  • Balustrades. Choice of cross or vertical design
  • Louvre wall (instead of no wall or a closed wall)
  • Pergola (without posts)


Double wall insulation system for floor, walls and/or roof. Windows are double glazed as standard. When you insulate your summerhouse or log cabin, it can be used as an office, holiday home, fitness area or exercise room.

Here you will find more information about insulating your summerhouse.

Other options

  • Roof tiles or thatched roof (arranged by dealer)
  • Roof with a slope of 26° or more (only for log cabins with an apex roof)
  • Valley gutter (where two apex roofs converge) for your log cabin
  • Decorative bases for the posts, high base (80 cm) or low base (20 cm)