By accepting ForeverTimbers installation quotation you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

1. Although we can advise you on planning matters, It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the cabin is compliant with local planning authorities rules or building regulations.

2. Any installation date given is approximate only. As with most construction businesses, we are governed by the UK weather and therefore may occasionally have to re-arrange installation work at the last moment. Other factors which may affect the installation are accident or illness, neither of which can be predicted in advance.

3. The customer is responsible for ensuring that reasonable access to a clear working area is available for our staff to safely carry out a satisfactory installation.

We would expect at least one meter (1m) of unobstructed space on the sides, back and front of the finished cabin, unless a prior agreement has been reached in writing by us.

We require all shrubs, bushes and overhanging trees to be cut back to give a clear 1m of work space around the cabin including the roof. This is to help prevent injury to ForeverTimber staff and to prevent any unnecessary delays in the installation process.

4. It is the customer’s responsibility to prepare a suitable base for the building unless we are contracted to do this work.
We require that the base is made to the correct size and that it is perfectly level and ‘square’.
It is the customer’s responsibility to ask for precise details if unsure about base specifications and requirements for their particular model.
The base should be made to the exact size of the foundation bearers.
ForeverTimber will not be responsible for water ingress under the floor if the base is not made to the correct specifications.
Use of packing to level a cabin will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.
ForeverTimber will not be responsible for problems with the cabin windows and doors functioning correctly at any time if the base provided is not perfectly level.

If we arrive on site and the base provided by the customer is unsuitable for installing the cabin, there will be a minimum charge of £250 (plus fuel costs) for the wasted day.
The base will need to be made good by the customer/customer’s builder, and there will also be a charge of £100 per day for the delay. Alternatively arrangements can be sought with ForeverTimber to provide a quote for the required alterations.

In some cases it may be possible for ForeverTimber to make some alterations to the bearers or to the base to make it suitable to build on.
If the customer would prefer us to do this work, there will be a charge for the cost of materials used, and for the extra time required to do the work.
There is a minimum charge of £150 for base/bearer adjustments.

5. It is the customer’s responsibility to meet the delivery truck and move all the cabin parts as close to the construction site as possible, but not placed on the base or within a meter of the base – unless previously agreed in writing by us.
Should the client chose to unwrap the cabin pallets the logs should be stacked neatly in piles of similar sizes, raised off the ground on bricks or timber, and then re-covered tightly with the UV resistant plastic wrap previously removed from the pallets, to keep the wood dry and out of direct sunlight. The roof and floor boards should also be stacked separately in the same way and covered.
Doors and windows should ideally be stored carefully in a garage or house, or stacked separately to the logs and boards.
ForeverTimber can not be held liable for any theft, loss, damage or deterioration of the goods after delivery.

6. Where access to an adjoining property is required to allow completion of the job, it shall be the customer’s responsibility to arrange such access and we will be entitled to assume such arrangements have been made unless we are advised otherwise in writing.

7. The customer should allow us to use their property/ grounds for the storage of materials whilst work is being carried out.

8. The customer must clearly indicate to ForeverTimber the position required for any building, including the positions of any doors and windows at the beginning of the work. If we are not given this information we will follow the design on the plans. We will not be liable for the cost of any subsequent relocation.

9. As timber is a natural product, minor adjustments when the building ‘settles’ may have to be carried out by the customer. This may include adjustments to the doors and windows as they may drop, expand and contract etc. Alternatively adjustments may be carried out by ForeverTimber on a chargeable basis.

10. The customer MUST treat any exposed timbers with a timber preservative and/or suitable wood finishes within 7 days of completed installation.

Doors, windows, trims and fascia boards must be treated and painted on ALL faces. If not correctly treated warping may occur.

11. The customer, where possible, is requested to provide safe parking for our work vehicle on or close to the property.
There are tools and equipment which will be required at various times during the build which we must have direct access to.
If there is no driveway parking, or no parking is available on the highway, the customer must pay for a safe car parking place close by.
If parking permits are required to park on the highway, the customer is responsible for applying for and the cost of such permits.
If our vehicle is issued with a parking ticket during the installation period, this must be paid for by the customer.

12. Payment for installations must be made either by bank transfer or cash.

If paying by bank transfer we require the cleared funds to be in our account no later than 7 days after completion of the cabin installation
If paying by cash, this can be given to us in person when we are ready to leave the job or earlier.

We do not ask for a deposit for installations and therefore we put our trust in the customer to pay us as per our agreed payment terms. The location of these terms is clearly marked on every installation quotation for avoidance of doubt.
Acceptance of our quotation includes acceptance of our payment terms.